Our Story


We are sailors, surfers, divers, swimmers. All of the crystal blue persuasion - passionate about our beautiful oceans. We are embarking on an initiative to support small scale ocean research and conservation projects around the world.

To this end, we have created the brand Sea Loved.

Sea Loved is for everyone who loves the ocean and believes that we can all contribute to preserving it. At Sea Loved we work with projects that are run by people who have turned their passion into their way of life. People who dedicate their time, energy and talent to making a difference.

We support these projects by reporting on what they are doing, and more importantly even, why they are doing this. In getting their message out to more people, we aim to inspire our community.

We have also produced a small range of beautifully crafted, handmade jewellery. Mindful gifts with a story, created so that we can also support our partners financially. We donate half of our profit to our partner projects.

Sea Loved uses responsibly and sustainably sourced materials in designs inspired by the projects we support and the people who so generously and tirelessly give their time and passion to these projects.

Part of the proceeds of Sea Loved will flow back into these projects, working with local conservation societies and environmental organisations to promote awareness and educate but also to actively participate in local initiatives.

Founded in 2021 and based in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf, we work with amazing people involved in projects around the world. Our jewellery designs are brought to life by passionate and talented artisans in Bali, and we take the utmost care to be as gentle as possible with our planet from designs through material use and production to packaging and shipping.

For instance, we seal our products in bottles made entirely from post-consumer recycled glass by our partner in Spain. This makes every item a message in a bottle, while glass is 100% recyclable with no waste.

We learn and improve every day.