Bangkaru Island Rangers - Indonesia

bangkaru island and map

  A chain of pristine deep-sea islands, Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands are some of the world’s last remaining islands which continue to be covered by untouched primary rainforest. Due to their remote location, each island is home to large amounts of critically endangered and endemic biodiversity.

— Tom Amey, EcosystemImpact Programme Manager

Just off the west coast of Sumatra, in the Indian Ocean, lies the remote island of Simeulue. Far off the beaten backpacker track, or any track for that matter, its tropical forests and coastlines are relatively unmarred by the onslaught of the 21st century. The few travellers that come here, mostly come for the awesome surf and are respectful of being gentle with our planet.

Simeulue surf banner

On Nancala Beach, a stretch of white sand well known in the surfing community for its awe inspiring waves, Ecosystem Impact Foundation is headquartered next to Mahi-mahi surf lodge. Chaired by Jane Dunlop, Ecosystem Impact works with local businesses and communities on long term solutions to biodiversity and habitat loss, as well as offering urgent solutions through ranger programmes, breeding programmes and habitat protection and restoration.

Nearby Bangkaru Island's beaches are home to the largest nesting site for Green Sea Turtles in Western Indonesia, along with being an important nesting site for Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles and its forests are home to some of the worlds rarest birds.

EcosystemImpact Foundation has a set up a team of six rangers who provide constant protection of Bangkaru alongside Indonesia’s wildlife protection agency BKSDA.





Before the Bangkaru Ranger Programme was set up, turtle egg poachers sometimes took as many as 1,500 eggs a night and birds were poached from the forest.  Since 2016 EcosystemImpact and partners have managed to completely eliminate poaching of turtle eggs, as well as seeing a reduction to bird poaching.






   The Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands of Sumatra Indonesia have global significance for their biodiversity. They offer one of the last refuges and nesting sites for critically endangered sea turtles as well as several of the worlds rarest bird species.





At Sea Loved, as proud partners we are in constant contact with the team at EcosystemImpact, following the exploits of the rangers and reporting on their amazing work. Find out more about the Bangkaru Island Rangers on the website of EcosystemImpact.