Bangkaru Island Rangers - February '22

bangkaru island rangers

Here's a little update on the Bangkaru Island Rangers. The six rangers, pictured here on the shores of Bangkaru Island near their camp, are ramping up more far ranging patrols to protect turtle nesting grounds further afield.


Our partners, EcosystemImpact are confident that the existing ranger patrols have been effective at reducing poaching on Bangkaru’s western shores and within close proximity to the ranger camp. However there are remaining concerns around poacher entry points on Bangkaru’s north eastern shoreline – which is less well protected through the original ranger patrols. In November 2021 EcosystemImpact started monthly boat patrols in partnership with Zoo Liberec and local Haloban and Balai communities, including support from local navy. These boat patrols take two full days with a stopover night at the Bangkaru Ranger Camp. 

bangkaru island patrol route

Marine patrol route, starting in Haloban Village, circumnavigating Tuangku and Bangkaru Islands, with a stopover night in the Bangkaru Ranger Camp. 


This is another positive step towards achieving the outcome of integrating local communities further into the project. Neighbouring Tuangku and Balai Islands are home to three small indigenous island communities. As these communities previously provided the main poaching threat, it is them that the project has focused on, having hired all rangers and carried out environmental education and socialisation work within them. These marine patrols have been developed through community consultation, local government cooperation and has led to the hiring of a further member of staff from the local community.

Stay tuned for more on the rangers!